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All over the world there are extraordinary people active in the cultural field, many are working in areas where cultural expression faces challenges. Each year we honour a select group of these individuals and organisations whose excellent work is having a positive impact on their societies. 

Prince Claus laureates work in countries where the Queen Paola Foundation is active. Their activities may be in a single discipline, or a combination of multiple forms of expression. Whatever the form, their work inspires and enlightens; it draws people together; it stimulates new ways of thinking, tells stories that are outside the dominant discourse, and makes a difference in people’s lives.

To select the Prince Claus laureates, we start by inviting cultural experts from our global network to submit nominations. Each nominee is researched and second opinions are requested. The Prince Claus Awards Committee, an independent committee of experts, draws up a shortlist which is further researched. 

The Awards Committee then makes a final selection which is presented to the Queen Paola Foundation Board for approval. The laureates are announced in September each year. 

Honorary Chair HRH Prince Constantijn presents the Awards in December during a ceremony at the Royal Palace Brussels. The Awards are then presented to the laureates by the Belgianambassador in the countries where the laureates live and work.

We welcome you to join us for the public events with the Laureates-  like Louder than words -  which take place during the week of the Awards ceremony in December. 

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