We believe Culture is a basic need

All people should have the right to cultural expression. Culture is the source of identity. It inspires confidence and resilience. 


We strive for a world where cultural expression is free and valued. 


We support, connect and celebrate artists and cultural practitioners where cultural expression is under pressure. We stand firm with those who create, who believe in the transformative power of culture, who advance new ideas and develop new perspectives.

To this end, we will emphasize the following focus areas the coming years: 

Alternative narratives – stories that lead to greater understanding; stories that are seldom heard, that differ from a dominant narrative, that reveal a more complex reality

Networks of exchange – interchange among organisations and individuals that broaden horizons and open new possibilities

Growth of individuals and organisations – activities that strengthen the confidence and competence of cultural practitioners


  • We believe in the inherent value of culture and the right to cultural expression
  • We believe in the power of culture to have a real and lasting social impact
  • We work on the basis of equality & transparency, and build relations based on mutual trust & respect
  • We value quality and seek partners doing outstanding work in their respective fields
  • We strive to be an informed and context-sensitive organisation through close contact with our international network